Tailored services and solutions that improve the security, efficiency and effectiveness of operations

MASS is a technology company with a 30-year heritage


MASS is a technology company with a 30-year heritage serving the defence, government, business and education markets in the UK and around the world. In fact, some of our long-term customers include high-level government departments, which rely on us to provide services and systems critical to our national security and defence.

Part of Cohort plc since 2006, MASS delivers trusted and tailored services and solutions that improve the security, efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Whether our customers need us to manage the full life-cycle of a solution, designed especially for their operations, or one-off consultancy, our highly skilled experts deliver a world-class service in specialist areas.

MASS was formed in 1983 to supply the UK defence industry with mathematical and associated scientific services, which gave the company its name. Founded by four partners Malcolm Lowes, Fred Pew, John Cresswell and Roger Millington, MASS has grown into one of the UK's most successful defence technology companies.

Throughout the 1980s MASS grew steadily, and expanded from offering pure consultancy to developing services and solutions. The firm also developed capabilities in a diversity of technical areas such as analysis, mathematic modelling, guided weapon performance analysis, design, development of bespoke systems and RF test and evaluation.

Due to investment by a venture capital company, followed by a majority holding being acquired by Silicon Valley Group in 1993, MASS saw a period of significant growth. Over the next decade its turnover increased from less than £1 million to almost £13 million, due to winning prestigious managed IT contracts including highly secure MOD business. MASS also developed skills in real-time software, electronics systems design, development and low volume manufacturing, particularly for aerospace.


The risks and threats to all organisations are continually evolving – MASS works to develop ways of keeping our customers' technology secure. Our ISO accreditation 27001 and other certification means we meet required industry standards. In fact, our teams strive to exceed these requirements in order to deliver outstanding work.

Focusing on Cyber Security, Secure Networks, EWOS and Contract R&D, MASS works in partnership with all of our customers, and responds quickly to requests and enquiries.

The firm also worked on R&D contracts in the defence and commercial markets. This period of history saw the firm develop a solid reputation for providing technically demanding projects to very short timescales.

Over time Electronic Warfare became one of MASS' key capabilities. The firm played a key role in the development of the EW Test Facility at BAE Systems Warton, and developed solutions in EW Operational Support at its Lincoln site.

Additionally, since 2004 MASS has built a strong capability in secure information systems, supporting our customers' critical operations. We help them make cost-savings and increase efficiency by providing COTS system integration and prototype development.

Acquired by Cohort plc in 2006 – a parent company of innovative SMEs operating in defence and related markets – MASS continues to thrive, innovate and provide customers with an agile, world-class and trusted service.

Leadership team

Managing Director

After graduating with a BSc in Astrophysics and masters degree in Microwave Solid State Physics, Chris started his career designing radar systems and antennas for Racal Defence. He then spent six years developing radar and IR countermeasures for the RAF at the Electronic Warfare Operational Support Establishment. Chris progressed to Manager at the Mathematical Modelling Group, where he was responsible for the design and development of advanced radar systems for GEC Avionics over four years. During this time he also gained his MBA from Henley Management College.

From there, Chris managed and directed the technical services business unit within the VT Group before joining MASS in 2007 to head up the EWOS division.

Finance Director

After studying for a Business degree in the UK and France, Bill gained his CIMA qualification whilst working at John Laing plc and Xerox Corp. After qualifying he joined Pearson plc as a Management Accountant working firstly at Head Office and then the Financial Times Newspaper. As a member of the Senior Finance team at the Financial Times, he worked on many acquisitions and joint ventures in Europe, Asia and the USA. When the Financial Times acquired Interactive Data Corporation, he moved to the US in 1996 to head up the finance & administration teams continuing to help the business grow both organically and by acquisition.

In 2010 he returned to the UK and took the role of International Financial Planning Director after the business was acquired by Private Equity, and supported the business across Europe and Asia. After 4 years he became an Independent Consultant before joining MASS in February 2016 where he leads the Finance, IT, Commercial and Operations teams.

Cohort Chief Executive

Andrew graduated from Imperial College, London in 1987 with a Master of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering and Management Science. He joined the Ministry of Defence as a fast stream technology specialist, spending the early part of his career on the directed energy weapons research programme at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern. Subsequently, he held a project management role, acquiring special electronic warfare equipment for counter-terrorism use, and was a scientific adviser to the UK defence staff on land warfare matters. In 1996, Andrew joined Alvis plc in a role covering strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and business development. Following the BAE Systems' takeover of Alvis, he created Cohort plc with Nick Prest and Stanley Carter.

In May 2007, Andrew was appointed Managing Director of MASS and he re-joined the Cohort board, succeeding Stanley Carter as Chief Executive, two years later. He remains on the MASS board.

Cohort Finance Director

After graduating with a BSc from University College, London, Simon went on to qualify as a chartered accountant with Touche Ross in 1992. Simon moved to the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) in 1993 - he was appointed a chief accountant for P&O European Ferries in 1995. Two years later, he was appointed Group Financial Controller at Alvis, going on to join Cohort as Finance Director in May 2006, bringing considerable industry experience acquired at Alvis and BAE Systems.

Simon is the Finance Director and Company Secretary of Cohort plc.
Chris Stanley Bill Grieve Andrew Thomis Simon Walther

The MASS Values - Implications
for our Actions

Value Implications
Business Excellence
  • True technical excellence is not about the best possible product but about a product (or service) that meets the customer's needs and stays within budget.
  • Cost control is necessary for business success.
  • We are all business developers and can both shape customers' views and gather vital intelligence.
Success through Customer Relationships
  • The highest level of commitment to solving customers' problems.
  • A fundamental understanding that we achieve success through business transactions: we do things that customers value, and this enables us to make a profit.
  • A recognition that both sides of these transactions are equally important.
Common Purpose
  • Disapproval of actions that lead to confrontation or tension between us (though not a supine willingness to back down regardless of the issue or the consequences).
  • Absence of political manoeuvring, or high levels of tension between staff and management.
  • Commitment to the company and a recognition that it is an important part of all our lives.
People Business
  • MASS people are willing to make personal sacrifices when necessary to solve business problems or to meet customers' urgent needs.
  • MASS understands that its people have other commitments in their lives and is prepared to be flexible.
  • MASS is willing to go beyond the minimal contractual commitment to look after its people's interests.

Accreditation & qualification Corporate responsibility Financial information Company values Cohort plc Accreditation & qualification Corporate responsibility Financial information Company values Cohort plc
Our integrated Business Management System for Quality, Engineering and Information Security Management is certified by Lloyd’s Register (Lloyds Register Quality Assurance) as complying with the requirements of:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • TickITplus (Systems and Software Development Support scope profile at Foundation Level)
  • ISO 27001:2013

For activities including, and associated with, contract supply for Government, defence and security, intelligence, law enforcement, aerospace, educational and commercial sectors for:

  • Design, development, integration, delivery and support of bespoke and/or COTS based hardware, networks and software solutions or products;
  • Provision of managed services covering IT Service Delivery, Facilities Management, and software solutions;
  • Provision of research and development, training, consultancy and analysis services;
  • Provision of technical staff to customer requirements.

View our ISO 9001 | TickIT plus certificate (PDF)
View our ISO 27001 certificate (PDF)
MASS puts its people at the centre of its business. Not only do we strive to support our employees' career development, but we also encourage everyone to get involved in supporting our chosen charity partners, including Help for Heroes and Action Medical Research for Children.

Our people are always keen to raise much needed funds through fun and ambitious events – from triathlons to 100-mile bike rides.

In addition, we support young people by providing work experience opportunities in our Little Paxton and Lincoln offices. Whether they want to work in office administration or ICT support, we can help them in their very first steps in their careers.

We conform to the Anti-bribery Policy of our parent company Cohort plc, which can be found on the public documents page of the Cohort website.

View our Gender Pay Gap report here.

MASS has continued to make an important contribution toward the Group’s revenue and profit growth.

2016 - 2017 Results
Full details are in the Cohort plc group results at the link below:
Cohort plc Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Results for Previous Financial Years
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Dun & Bradstreet Rating 1
We are registered as a D&B Rating 1 Company (highest level of creditworthiness, minimum risk of failure)

View our D&B Rating 1 certificate
Business Excellence - An understanding that business success is the best way to achieve success for all MASS people, in terms of rewards, pride, security, fresh technical challenges and opportunities to develop

Success through Customer Relationships - A full commitment to delivering what the customer needs, as both a source of personal fulfilment and a means for MASS to achieve success as a business

Common Purpose - We all share the goal of profitable business expansion, and this displaces conflicting objectives and tensions that might otherwise arise between us

People Business - MASS is a business that values and is valued by its people

Learn more about the MASS Values
Cohort plc is the parent company of four innovative, agile and responsive businesses operating in defence and related markets. It aims to add real value through the experience and contacts of its senior team while providing a light-touch but effective governance framework. Its objective is to deliver value to shareholders through its four operating subsidiaries: EID, MASS, MCL and SEA.

Cohort was founded on the principle that SME-size businesses can prosper by being part of a larger group, where they can benefit from financial oversight, management support and the exchange of information and practices. Cohort aims to achieve this while preserving the high-growth potential of innovative independent businesses.

To find out more about Cohort plc visit www.cohortplc.com

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