Safeguarding your information and reputation
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Information assurance and secure ICT networks
are fundamental to effective operations

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Cyber Security

There can be no doubt that cyber threats are real. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed and industry supported scheme that guides businesses on how to protect against cyber threats. The Cyber Essentials scheme provides a secure foundation for your IT system. Implementation of these controls can significantly reduce your risk of

In addition to Cyber Essentials, the MOD, working jointly with Industry and other Government departments, has created the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) to ensure that it and its supply chain are appropriately protected from cyber threats.

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Protecting data and ensuring access to systems is essential, and losing information can result in devastating consequences. MASS works with you to identify vulnerabilities across your organisation, and works to lock down your ICT through security solutions and assure its accessibility for employees.

Our CESG Certified Professionals (CCP) hold certification in a range of roles, Security & Information Risk Advisor (CCP SIRA), CCP IA Auditor, CCP Architect, CCP Accreditor and CCP ITSO. Certified up to Senior Practitioner level they possess the knowledge and skills to ensure your critical data is safe, whether it is personal, commercial or government-owned, by designing and building solutions tailored to meet the threat profile.

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Our Digital Forensic Service creates a brand new innovative partnering approach. We deliver an agile, trusted and ethical service, through fully integrated, validated and where necessary accredited capabilities, using the latest secure technology.

Our service provides active thought leadership by the creative use of education, training and cutting edge research and development. We exploit all relevant data by making the most of overt and covert forensic opportunities.

Our highly capable consortium of the best forensic talent, provides an effective and efficient combination of self-service kiosks, central forensic laboratories and an expert network; this ensures evidential integrity is maintained and intelligence is fully utilised. The outcomes are operationally focussed, scientifically robust and ethically sound.

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MASS' training provides:

  • your people with the latest knowledge and skills in cyber security, helping them develop a deeper understanding of security threats and appropriate mitigations.
  • your organisation with the advice, guidance and support to establish or improve its policies and procedures, leading to a well-developed and robust security posture supported by an aware and mindful workforce;

As an industry leader, we offer a comprehensive range of courses, from foundation awareness to advanced courses, all to the highest and most up to date standards delivered by either e-learning or as live-classes.

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Cyber Essentials Customer Helpline

We are delighted to announce the MASS Cyber Essentials helpline, which is available free of charge. To qualify you need to be a MASS customer. The helpline provides access to expert technical IT security, risk and compliance advice in line with the Government Cyber Essentials Scheme. Benefits of using the helpline include:

  • Improving your current IT system;
  • Advice on compliance requirements to progress to CE Plus certification; or
  • Assistance due to an IT related issue

You can contact us for assistance on 01522 223838 * or at

* We will respond between normal working hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

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Cyber Essentials

MASS specialises in providing IT reliant businesses with guidance and support, helping them to achieve Cyber Essentials certification which provides:

  • Reassurance to customers, suppliers and stakeholders that cyber security is taken seriously and methods are in place to reduce the threat from cyber-attacks;
  • The ability to be considered for government contracts by having the appropriate certification;
  • The potential for cyber-insurance premiums to be reduced.

Complete the Cyber Essentials self-assessment questionnaire online, quickly and securely, through our portal.

Once you have achieved Cyber Essentials certification, you may require an upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus.

Completing the Cyber Essentials certification through MASS offers eligibility for free automatic cyber liability Insurance for up to £25,000.

Defence cyber protection partnership (DCPP)

The MOD introduced Cyber Protection requirements for all new procurements from 1 January 2016. All suppliers in MOD supply chains must hold a Cyber Essential Certificate prior to contract or subcontract award.

The DCPP Cyber Security Model will require some suppliers to ensure additional cyber security controls, over and above Cyber Essentials, are in place ahead of contract award depending on the level of risk identified.

MASS can help you implement Cyber Essentials for both your organisation and your supply chain.

To find out more, please contact us.

Information Assurance

Your organisation is under threat from increasing and ever-evolving cyber attacks. Losing data and system availability can damage an organisation's reputation and lead to dramatic loss of profits or future business. The cost of a single cyber attack can easily reach six figures, and the operational impact is immediate. Therefore, it is critical that you secure IT systems to prevent breaches of security. Certified to Cyber Essentials Plus and as a certification body for the government's new Cyber Essentials scheme we can provide the support you require.

Employing highly qualified information assurance specialists, MASS works closely with customers to identify vulnerabilities, and design and build tailored solutions to safeguard your data and organisation.

MASS takes a holistic approach; we assess your technology, your people and your security policies to tailor a solution that meets the specific threat profile. We deploy secure IT communications systems, and achieve and maintain formal security accreditation.

We are ISO 27001 accredited and have been operating some of the most secure IT systems for UK government for 30 years. You can benefit from our experience, and the knowledge of our IA specialists, who are CESG Certified Professionals and members of the CESG Listed Advisor Scheme.

Digital Forensic Service

We have built a highly capable consortium to deliver an agile and innovative forensic response using the following cutting edge capabilities:

  • Self Service Kiosk based technology – A software agnostic hardware solution, that can be used by front line officers, when appropriate, to exploit data from devices, such as computers and smartphones
  • Informatics – Fully networked architecture enabling officers to not only view the data from seized devices on their desktops, but with links to smart databases to build intelligence and develop the operational opportunities that networking and data mining would provide
  • Digital Interrogation – A full suite of digital forensic capabilities which includes data retrieval and exploitation from seized devices and other scenarios including: running networked systems, live volatile data collection, vehicle forensics and cloud/remote data acquisition. This would be in both an overt and covert operational environment
  • Research & Development – Using a network of academic and commercial establishments to provide real-time cutting edge techniques to answer operational challenges. This agile and flexible solution is capable of rapid and scientifically sound solutions direct to front line officers

Our Digital Forensics Managed Service is agile, innovative and scientifically robust. It brings together people, technology and data, through the use of focused and directed expertise, to ensure that digital investigations become mainstream and relevant in today’s digital world.

Utilising the best forensic talent within the UK and overseas our service is relevant to operational needs, appropriate to the circumstances and delivered in real time, in a format that can be relied upon with evidential integrity. Contact us at for more information.

Cyber training

The UK Government has categorised cyber attacks as a Tier One threat to national security, alongside international terrorism. The cost of a single cyber security incident can easily reach six-figure sums and any damage to a company's reputation could lead to dramatic loss of profits or future business.

To help mitigate such risks, your staff need to have the latest knowledge in cyber security. MASS can help your people develop a deep understanding of potential security threats, and the countermeasures you can develop or adopt. Cyber Security training helps to protect corporate assets, and having appropriately trained staff will immediately be apparent to the bottom line.

Working in partnership, MASS is offering, in the UK for the first time, an e-learning library with courses designed to teach all members of an application development team, from quality assurance professionals to software developers, about the importance of secure practices in the application development process.

Training materials, dedicated facilities, specialist trainers, courseware development, and our deep cyber security domain experience ensures that your staff receive the critical knowledge required to maintain appropriate security standards.

Our training facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art resources, or alternatively we can deliver training at your preferred location in the UK or abroad.

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