Our digital exploitation technology helps you interrogate complex data sets using a variety of methods – including award winning data visualisation. Experts at MASS design and install state‑of‑the‑art, user‑friendly systems, bespoke to customer requirements. This makes analysis quicker and delivers operational benefits, while resulting in the delivery of more efficient and effective investigations.

Data Visualisation

Visual data helps you identify and examine priority issues such as connections and patterns of behaviour. Our experts develop visual technology that makes data sets easier to access for more people, including front line police officers. This opens the process to more skills, accelerating decision‑making, within complex data‑led investigations


We are already developing advanced data visualisation technology for the defence sector, which demands the best possible standards. We now offer this sophisticated yet affordable technology to law enforcement agencies as an invaluable investigation tool.

With the ever‑increasing volume of multi‑layered data involved in investigations, such technology is now essential in solving all kinds of crimes.

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