As crime is changing, having access to the tools required to manage the risk of digital threats and the harm posed to communities is essential. Our Digital Operations Centre (DOC) enables agencies to collect, store, access and analyse high volumes of complex data. We can bring the digital crime scene to the investigator or provide the tools needed to investigate digital crime. Cyber‑attack notification and guidance on the best course of action to take to protect investigators against counter attacks can also be provided by the DOC.

Bespoke Digital Tools

Our DOC provides access to bespoke digital tools and includes TOR (dark web) capabilities that can provide support for both proactive and reactive investigation, through to highly sophisticated but easy‑to‑use software collectors.

The toolset includes powerful social media analytics made easy for investigators and the capability to conduct digital surveillance with the support of machine learning, which is backed with valuable recommendations.

Rapid DevOps support means that tools can be bespoke to every need.

We can also integrate your DOC with systems at other agencies, helping to boost investigation efficiency involving multiple sources of information.

Support and Maintenance

Your DOC needs to operate at optimum levels all day, every day – we provide the required support and maintenance through our managed service.

With over 30 years’ experience in the defence sector, your investigators will benefit significantly from our vast knowledge and experience. As your trusted partner, this allows you to focus on your investigations while leaving the rest in safe hands.

Non‑Attributable Internet Connection Systems (NAICS)

Our NAICS helps you to securely source digital evidence whilst protecting victims of crime. We provide a bespoke solution that is developed applying our background working in classified national security projects.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, we can work with you to develop secure cloud NAICS and onsite physical solutions.