Our digital fusion capability fuses data and intelligence, bringing together a large volume of complex data into one system.

This allows you to search for information from multiple data sets at the same time across various agencies, such as Multi‑Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH) and other police forces.

Data Fusion

Without the right technology, interrogating data from a variety of sources can be time‑consuming, possibly causing delays.

By fusing data, our solutions make searching through enormous amounts of confidential information a more productive task.

Gathering data in a communications or control room from multiple sources such as the Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP) database can be challenging. This is where our data fusion brings significant benefits in terms of increasing efficiency.

This new technology used by police and other agencies also supports situational awareness, providing you with a more holistic picture.

Intelligence Fusion

Our intelligence fusion service is shaped around your unique needs. If required, we also work with the best specialists in the field to provide your ideal solution.

Trying to bring together different types of data and presenting them in your desired formats is a huge challenge. Our experts take on this challenge, improving efficiency of your operations.

MASS offers another significant benefit: we work in close partnership with all of our customers so we understand their intelligence requirements.

For instance, if you need intelligence shared across teams whilst maintaining the highest security standards, our experts can tailor information to ensure sensitive data remains confidential. Our bespoke service provides assurance that your intelligence will only be seen by the right people with appropriate security access.

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