Driven by the urgent need to help law enforcement solve crime, our world‑class research and development experts develop new technology for use by police and other agencies. Our team of scientists and engineers work diligently on new ideas and create innovative solutions, including: cyber security, data visualisation, cloud technology, mobile device software, NAICS and file systems.

MASS conducts highly specialist research within the law enforcement arena, backed with unprecedented access to leading academia and knowledge across local, regional, national and international policing. Not only this, but our agile approach means we are fully equipped for rapid research and development, allowing for a fast response in time‑sensitive situations.

Innovation Partnering

We partner with police forces and other agencies to provide powerful and effective solutions for their investigations. Our long‑standing collaboration with some of the UK’s best researchers and academics results in digital investigation capability that not only meets the current requirements of law enforcement, but also evolves with the rapid changes in crime and technology.

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