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Electronic Warfare Operational Support Services

THURBON® is a next-generation EW data management system, providing organisations with a fully integrated suite of tools for the management, processing and storage of complex platform, sensor and weapon system data. Delivering intelligence from military platforms and sensor networks, THURBON is simple to configure, use, integrate and deploy. Benefits include increased operational efficiency and savings in support costs.

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Data management
Invest in MASS' world-class, tailored EW training courses, designed to expedite your staff's skills development, and to accelerate your organisation's route to operational effectiveness. Many of our electronic warfare courses are accredited by academic institutions. We deliver programmes at our sophisticated training centres, or at a location agreed with you in the UK or in-country.

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MASS can support you in becoming operationally independent by investing in countermeasures development solutions. Having worked for UK MOD as a leading supplier in this field, we provide world-class services to customers in the UK and abroad to assist them in enhancing platform survivability and delivering effective missions.

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Countermeasures Development
Modelling & simulation
MASS is a world leader in the development and analysis of countermeasures. We have designed a suite of state-of-the-art software tools that includes weapon system reverse-engineering, simulation and analysis, and takes countermeasure development to the next level.

Our electronic warfare simulation and training tools also support your organisation’s training needs and provides you with internationally renowned EW training at our UK training facility, or at your location using our deployable capabilities.

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Our expert advice and consultancy is tailored to meet your EW needs. Whether you require advice on procurement planning, requirements analysis, technical evaluations, or research studies, our electronic warfare specialists can provide you with their many years of experience working in industry and operations. Being completely independent from EW equipment manufacturers, you can depend on us to provide you with trusted and impartial advice.

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EW Training Courses

Investing in MASS' world-class electronic warfare courses enables you to advance your organisation's knowledge and capabilities.

MASS' expert trainers come from military, science and engineering backgrounds, and deliver courses that blend theory and practice. This approach not only supports the students' learning and skills development - it also accelerates your organisation's route to increased operational effectiveness.

Our course syllabus ranges from entry level EW Foundation to an advanced Masters degree in science. Many of our courses are accredited by academic institutions including the University of Lincoln. We also strive to accredit courses for customers outside the UK.

Training takes place at our world-renowned training centres in Lincoln equipped with sophisticated modelling and electronic warfare simulation tools, or at a location agreed with you.

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EW Training

Masters of Science (MSc)
Intelligence Systems

University of Lincoln
THURBON - Successful missions start here

Our customers reap the many benefits of using THURBON, including:

  • Improvement to productivity and operational efficiency
  • Joint service operations support via the ability to handle multiple sources of intelligence data at multiple security levels
  • Automation of data support operations
  • Reduced mission data turnaround time
  • Supports the data complexity of EW systems and threats




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THURBON® Data Management System

The quality and fidelity of your data and intelligence is crucial for effective platform and weapon system operations. Therefore, having the capacity to analyse, store and manage complex information is an absolute must.

Developed by MASS, THURBON® is a next-generation EW data management system, which provides a fully integrated suite of tools for the management, processing and storage of complex platform, sensor and weapon system data.

THURBON, in use around the world, delivers coherent and consistent intelligence from the most sophisticated military platforms and sensor networks, yet it is still simple to configure, use, integrate and deploy.

Countermeasures Development

Platform survivability and successful missions rely on proven countermeasure platform protection. MASS assists you in building your own self-sustaining capabilities using world-class scientific and operational Electronic Warfare expertise.

MASS is the leading operations support provider for UK MOD. We provide the same quality of Electronic Warfare solutions to all of our customers, in the UK and abroad.

Select the solutions or products that you require, and we will discuss with you to determine whether you require a one-off service or our extensive managed services and full life-cycle management.

our Platform

Included in our range of countermeasures development solutions are:

  • Proven processes and procedures for data extraction, vulnerability assessment and countermeasure design
  • Independent consultancy services
  • Sophisticated modelling and electronic warfare simulation tools
  • Tailored Electronic Warfare courses, skills development and knowledge transfer
CounterWorX - Simulate to survive

Modelling & Simulation

Harnessing unique in-house developed technologies, our experienced specialists have developed a suite of state-of-the-art modelling and simulation software tools. These tools reduce the cost and time for analysing threat systems, modelling their performance and producing countermeasures or ploys. Our toolset simplifies the reverse engineering of complex weapon systems through using open source information. The threat system analysis, modelling and simulation included in the toolset provide unprecedented technical capability for countermeasure development and engagement simulation across all operational domains.

Known as CounterWorX, this modular suite of software tools can be used individually or collectively to support and enhance electronic warfare countermeasure development.

Our electronic warfare simulation and training tools also support your organisation’s training needs. Operationally focussed, our toolset reinforces the EW training that is delivered to match your requirements. This training can be completed at our internationally renowned UK training facility, or at a location to suit you using our deployed capabilities.


CounterWorX consists of

CounterWorX - Discover

Predicts missile capabilities from limited information

CounterWorX - Protect

Simulates few-on-few, multi-spectral engagements with latest generation threats and EW systems

CounterWorX - Analyse

Produces countermeasure effectiveness reports and replays real-life engagements

CounterWorX - Practice

a real-time simulated operational environment for operators to build their EW skills

CounterWorX - Knowledge

The central database for the suite


Being completely independent from electronic warfare hardware and software manufacturers, MASS is able to provide trusted and impartial advice.

As a long-term UK MOD supplier, we understand the equipment that is required for successful electronic warfare operations. Additionally, we know how to programme the most sophisticated of systems, and we are experienced in using specialist equipment in operational theatres of war.

Our consultants bring with them many years of experience working in industry, defence laboratories, front-line operations and EW support centres. They work closely with your teams to assess your unique EWOS requirements, going on to provide you with essential support, including reliable advice for smart procurement planning.