RAF 100 - David Sweeting, Senior Consultant

April 2018

David began his service in the RAF as a Radar Engineering Technician on fast jet and dedicated ISTAR platforms. Drawing heavily on knowledge and experience gained through his training he went on to develop Electronic Warfare and Radar training courses. David has also been Head of Emitter Analysis in the UK Defence EW Centre. Before leaving the RAF he joined the APP TES where he was responsible for developing platform protection countermeasures for aircraft operating in hostile environments.

David's RAF career fits perfectly within his role at MASS, as he continues to develop and deliver EW training courses to both UK and overseas customers. When not teaching he designs, develops and models platform protection countermeasures.

David is a golf pro with a handicap of 12 and is exceptionally proud of his personal best of two holes in one and is also a keen football supporter with a season ticket to Oldham Athletic.