RAF 100 - Bob Searle, Stores Department

April 2018

Bob's inspiration for joining the RAF was his Grandfather, a Group Captain flying Lancasters in World War Two. Bob joined the RAF in August 1973, after his initial training, he was posted to RAF SCC Hendon to work on the old 1010 Computer. Throughout his career Bob was posted to a variety of RAF bases working in Tech Stores, Barrack Stores, Receipt and Despatch and MOD Stores. After 12 years in service Bob retired from the RAF and began a career in Defence. Bob is proud to have served in the RAF and the unique opportunities it has afforded him, such as playing in both football and cricket RAF teams in London leagues.

At MASS Bob maintains all equipment from stationery to the larger mechanical and electrical items. Bob also looks after administration for transportation paperwork when equipment is deployed around Europe.

In his spare time Bob ran for Town Councillor and cherishes his time spent with his wife and grandchildren. He is working towards becoming a published author of his own book about his life, dedicated to his family.