RAF 100 - Phill Tadman, Senior Consultant

April 2018

Phill joined the RAF in 1984 and after completing recruit training began his Flight Systems trade training. His course included electronics, auto pilots, head-up displays, navigation and weapon aiming systems, aircraft handling and maintenance and computing. He completed his training in 1986, winning the Society of Radio and Electronic Engineers prize.

Eager to continue his studies, Phill went on to win the BTEC National Prize in HNC Computer Studies and gain an Honours Degree in Software Engineering for Real Time Systems. Phill then passed the Air Data Programmers exam and became involved in Electronic Warfare, programming Radar Warning Receivers and creating simulation and analysis software. During his career, Phill was selected to represent the RAF and pay tribute at the Remembrance Day services at the Cenotaph, Albert Hall and Westminster Abbey.

Phill has been a software engineer at MASS for 20 years, originally working on the Response Measurement Program: a hard real-time analysis system to measure the effectiveness of the Typhoon Defensive Aids Suite. Other projects have included: recording and analysis systems, electronic support measure systems, communication intelligence simulation systems and Wi-Fi interference measurement.

His secondary duties at MASS keep him busy as a First Aider and Fire Marshall. Phill has also been involved in fundraising for armed forces charities completing the 43 mile Keswick to Barrow walk and participating as part of the MASS team in the 46 mile Pathfinder March around Cambridgeshire.