RAF 100 - Steve Townsend, Head of Training Support

April 2018

Steve began his RAF career as a Tornado pilot and through his 31 years in the RAF progressed to Chief of Staff level, he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the RAF he attributes his success to the great mix of talented people with a wonderful team ethos that generated first class results. As well as his professional role, Steve is very grateful of the training opportunities the RAF afforded him such as offshore sailing and skiing.

At MASS Steve heads up a highly capable team who deliver benchmark solutions to a diverse range of customers including UK and overseas military organisations, the European Union and commercial enterprises. Our portfolio of capabilities includes strategic and operational level training, exercise and awareness packages for military HQs, police Gold Commands and commercial organisations; design, installation and maintenance of accredited, agile, deployable classified computer networks; completion of in-depth research projects on military and geo-strategic topics.

In his spare time Steve still enjoys outdoor sports including skiing, sailing and canoeing.

Steve Townsend