RAF 100 - Simon Fawcett, Information Assurance Consultant

April 2018

Over his 30-year career within the RAF, Simon carried out a broad spectrum of roles across the ground electronic environment. His first two years were spent in advanced equipment trade training, with a further five years installing airfield navigation aids across both UK and overseas. Half of Simon’s career was spent in first/second line maintenance of airfield navigation aids and air defence communications systems. Following this he spent four years as a network support engineer role within a Joint Service Signals Unit and three years as a BOWMAN software instructor providing training in a tri-service environment.

Throughout his career, he has been on several operational deployments and supplied operational support in several areas of conflict.

Simon also spent seven years developing and maintaining a cyber training facility which fits perfectly with his role within MASS. Since joining MASS, he has been part of a highly skilled team of technicians consisting of both RAF military and MASS personnel that maintain a wide variety of secure IT systems that are used to produce mission data for front line commands.

Simon continues to keep himself active playing a wide range of sports including squash, futsal and mountain biking, he also enjoys exploring the UK in his motorhome.