Reserves Day 2018 - Taph, EW Training Delivery Manager

June 2018

Reserves Day: Taph, MASS EW Training Delivery Manager and Reservist

MASS is committed to honour the MOD Armed Forces Convent which supports the Armed forces Community, including Reserves. Taph, MASS EW Training Delivery Manager, has recently returned from two weeks of Reserve training and is currently on his 4th year serving as a Reservist after a 24 year regular Army career.

Taph decided to become a Reserve as he feels he still has an important role in supporting the delivery of our country’s security alongside regular Army colleagues; supporting ongoing UK MOD security commitments with inherent skills to enhance the British Army.

He believes being a Reservist complements his current role as it helps him remain up to date which he uses to mould his training plans. He says it’s a great way to network with like-minded people who also work within the defence and security industry.

When asked what is the greatest benefit from being a Reservist, Taph explained that it gives him the ability to continue to be part of the Armed Forces as well as making a difference to the protection of our Sovereignty.

Reserves Day 2018