March 2018

Who owns the AI knowledge about you?

The year is 2025, and you are the proud owner of a brand new self-driving car, with all the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make sure that your driving experience is as pleasurable as possible. Over the next three years you interact with the vehicle and it learns all about you. It learns to understand your voice, what music you like to listen to and at what time of the day. It knows the temperatures you like for waking up on the way to work and resting on a long journey.

You finally have the car just the way you want it but it’s now time to trade it in for a new model. But what about all that AI knowledge? Do you have to start again? Do you have to tell your new car all about you all over again? What about all that knowledge its predecessor learned? Should you have the right to transfer, change or delete the knowledge? Who owns the knowledge? Surely it’s yours and you should be able to just move it across to the new car?

Managing intelligence. It sounds far-fetched and futuristic, but it’s already a reality and is going to become a feature of both our personal and work lives. Companies, councils, universities and governments are all gathering huge amounts of data and, increasingly, are using it for predictive analytics to support their decision making.

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