April 2018

Policing Insight article - Integration partnership

Integration partnership: Transforming Police ICT infrastructure to meet Policing Vision 2025

The Policing Vision for 2025 identifies the need for specialist capabilities in response to:

The already complex and diverse force ICT estates poses a significant challenge in addressing current issues faced by a substantial number of forces; ageing infrastructures, data and system disaggregation to name but two of the identified issues.

Whilst the adoption of current and innovative new technologies in response to changing operational needs is essential to keep pace with operational demands, the common practice of selecting or increasing the number of existing non-integrated solutions is simply adding to the problem.  The key to improving the effectiveness of force ICT (and indeed the operational output) lies in building on the current “best of breed” platforms – sweating the assets.   Rather than a costly and radical overhaul that threatens the many attributes of present systems, evolving current capabilities serves to reduce cost, reduce risk, maximise existing skillsets and improve efficiency/effectiveness.

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