Enhancing your performance through operational, exercise and training support

We provide a tailored, end-to-end training service delivering practical advice and effective solutions to complex challenges

Support to Operations

Training helps to maximise operational capability as well as operational effectiveness and preparedness of people, equipment and organisations. MASS offers a bespoke end-to-end service, spanning a large spectrum of capabilities, guaranteed to be independent, confidential and customer-focused.

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Individual training
Group training
MASS offers an assured and prepared in-theatre contractor support solution compliant with current regulations. Our experienced experts are deployed in direct support of operations, ensuring that the expert is on hand when solutions to complex challenges are required by front line commanders, helping to maintain operational availability and capability.

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We ensure our customers gain the maximum benefit from their collective and decision-making training exercises, particularly at higher levels of command in both military and civilian organisations including at National, Joint Force, corporate, component and higher level tactical levels.

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Group training
Group training
We are experienced in undertaking analysis for national and international organisations, both within and beyond the defence and security sectors, and for public and private sector clients. Our strategic analysis helps develop an understanding of strategic theory, geo-strategy and geo-economics in addition to insurgency, terrorism, weapons proliferation and bio-security. Our approach is both current to world events and aware of potential changes and strategic shocks, theories of international relations and mindful of international and supranational institutions.

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Individual & Team Training

We are a leading training provider with experience in working with the customer to identify learning objectives, analyse the training need, propose the best methods and tools to deliver the training and then develop the training material in co-operation with the client's production team.

Our teams have assisted the UK MOD, both in the UK and on Operations. We have also supported NATO, overseas military clients, the Home Office, other Government Departments and industry in developing, procuring and delivering training solutions.

With our proven track record in providing training support across a wide spectrum of the training arena we can provide the following services and capabilities:

  • Analysing the training need
  • Developing an in-depth understanding of how any equipment or software is operated and/or maintained
  • Development of a training plan
  • Developing the training material and equipment/software instructions
  • Delivering on-site training
  • Mentoring in-house instructors post initial training delivery
  • Conducting assessments
  • Recording the delivery of training in accordance with the client's training administration regulations
  • Conducting both internal and external validation
  • Maintaining and updating the training material post the initial course deliver

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Contractor Support to Operations

MASS successfully manages key Contractor on Deployed Operations (CONDO) contracts. We understand the sensitivities involved in deployed operations and deliver an assured Contractor Support to Operations (CSO) end-to-end solution, capturing and refining deployed support requirements.

We provide bid and proposal management and subsequent management of a deployed contractor support service where our teams integrate fully within your organisation, playing active roles within established teams. We ensure our experts are on hand when technical advice and immediate solutions to complex challenges are required by operational staff to maintain both operational availability and capability.


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Supporting the implementation of strategic CSO solutions, our innovative approach ensures front line capability is maintained through:

  • Scope and requirements analysis
  • Risk assessment, mitigation and responsibilities
  • Preparation and management of bid/proposal process
  • Deployed contractor logistic support solutions
  • Preparation of SMEs for deployment in line with MOD Policy

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Exercise Support

Organisations can find it difficult to support their exercise and training requirements due to constraints on resources and time. MASS can deliver this function, as specialist provider, providing a cost effective solution.

We can assess your training requirements and help you achieve an improvement in performance or prepare for the challenges of a new requirement. Our assessment allows us to set specific training objectives, design a bespoke training event replicating the current real world situation, generate all the scenario information and plan and organise the event.

We can do this because we have been the sole provider of exercise support to the UK's PJHQ and Joint Forces Command since 1996 and we also provide a wide range of support to NATO, UK Land, Air and Maritime HQs. We also support international organisations such as the National Defence College in Oman.


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Our state of the art exercise planning and management capability creates a highly credible "train as you fight" environment and involves detailed simulation and stimulation. During the exercise and post the event, we offer a beneficial evaluation and assessment service that will maximise the long term benefit of the exercise.

We will ensure that you retain ownership of the exercise while we provide responsive and expert support to you at all times. Through regular reviews and liaison we will help instil mutual confidence in the outcome of your programme.

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Strategic Analysis & Education

Most institutions and organisations need to anticipate and react to changing environments and wish to broaden the perspective of staff setting their activities within a wider strategic perceptive. We provide analysis of the future global environment, tailored precisely to our customer's demands and vision.

Our approach is unique and reflects a culture of continued improvement. We provide a snapshot of the current and emerging global strategic environment and explore areas that are specific to our customers.

We explore the over-arching factors that have enduring effects including global governance, economics, conflict and security, culture and society, natural resources, energy, science, technology and innovation, environment and demographics. We also identify global strategic trends.

We have designed and facilitated strategic games and exercises for over ten years and are proud to offer bespoke training courses in strategic awareness, strategic crisis management and strategic crisis media response, specialist briefings, support to seminars, workshops and analytical projects, contract research and analysis and strategic and policy level decision making exercises and games.

We have a team of several hundred associates and subject matter experts able to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We can leverage the expertise of former diplomats, MOD senior specialists, UN, NATO and EU aides and officials, academics, international associates and financial analysts.

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