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Andrew Leigh Receives Open University Innovation Award

Written by MASS

Published on April 14, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Andrew Leigh, Head of Software Development, has been awarded AOUG Will Swann Award for Innovation and Knowledge Development.

Hard work, dedication and an unyielding passion for his craft are qualities that have made Andrew a standout member of our team here at MASS and certainly a deserving recipient of this award. In his recommendation letter to AOUG Foundation of Education trustees, Dr Michel Wermelinger, one of Andrew’s supervisors at the Open University, highlighted “continuous hard work, the quality of his research and it’s sheer quantity” as contributing factors to Andrew’s nomination earlier this year. Andrew’s research was presented at the 2016 and 2019 IEEE Conferences on Software Architecture and recently appeared in The Journal of Systems and Software.

The completion of his part-time research programme over the last six years coupled with the receipt of this award are further demonstration of how Andrew continues to live the MASS values of – Collaboration, Innovation, Excellence and Respect.

Congratulations (Dr.) Andrew, you are a credit to the MASS family, and we are all proud of you!

History of the Award

Association of Open University Graduates (AOUG) Foundation for Education Research Awards are given annually to research students who are nominated by their Dean of Faculty or Head of Research Centre. The AOUG Foundation for Education Trustees select the candidates and students receive their Awards at Walton Hall.

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