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MASS and Silverstone: Partnering for the future

Written by MASS

Published on May 13, 2024

It’s STEM week 2024 and the theme this year is ‘Time’. According to former American President, John F. Kennedy, “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch”, his words ring true today as then and they lend themselves kindly to our partnership with Silverstone UTC where our Digital Services team have been delivering weekly cyber security workshops to year 12 & 13 students for the last 2 years covering a range of topics such as Social engineering, Linux proficiency, open source intelligence risk and encryption.

We welcomed a group of students to our offices in St. Neots on summer placements. They spent time working with our team of cyber experts on projects that enhanced their knowledge of the subject in a real-life context. They gained experience in blue teaming and red teaming, critical skills for all types of security careers. The red teaming knowledge helped them think like an attacker and gain technical skills, while the blue teaming gave them the knowledge needed to defend against malicious actors.

MASS CIO, Jack Stark said, “Watching the interest in cyber security from the students grow and being able to provide them with the foundational knowledge and exposure that will serve not just them but hopefully us in the future, is a real benefit for all involved. Providing a platform for learning that will educate and inform the leaders of tomorrow about cyber, an issue that continues to be critical to the evolution of what our world would look like in the future.”

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