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We believe in creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Mat Boyle from our Cyber team has had an interesting journey so far including the last 2 years with us; from studying in Japan to playing the drums, to supporting the next generation of cyber experts. He told us more here:

Tell us about yourself, what’s your background?

I studied Japanese at a language college and went on several two-week exchange programmes to Japan in the early 2010’s. I then went on to complete a Business and Japanese degree at the University of Hertfordshire which also included a study abroad programme in Japan. From 2019, I undertook a master’s degree at the University of Glasgow where I studied Global Security with Cyber Security and Intelligence. I particularly enjoyed the course as it entailed a lot of strategic thinking and international relations mixed in with the art of war.

Aside from work, I’m passionate about learning. I also enjoy hiking, playing pool and consider myself a competent drummer and bassist. I used to be in a few bands back home in Devon, we played regularly at local venues, and I even organised my own music festival while in sixth form.

Why MASS and why cyber security?

I first found out about MASS from a friend who was working at the company. A few years ago, he invited me to an event the company was hosting at the time. I felt a connection to the company from the first time I met people like Jack (CIO at MASS) and the rest of the MASS team after I joined. I found what the business does fascinating but perhaps the main attraction was the people; they were welcoming, bright and interesting.

My fascination in cyber security grew rapidly over my master’s and cultivated a genuine interest in how the digital world works; working in cyber allows me to get fully absorbed in that persistent curiosity. As many will know, cyber security has become an integral part of global security so having the opportunity to develop my understanding and build a career in cyber is a pleasure. Of course, once I became aware that there was an opening to join the MASS team of cyber security experts, I was keen to apply and, as they say, the rest is history!

What has been your highlight during your time here at MASS?

Having the opportunity to meet and learn from cyber security experts has been fantastic for me and my development. I’ve been able work on projects delivering cyber security advice and solutions to customers, from cyber essentials assessments to penetration testing exercises.

Another highlight for me has been the opportunity to be part of the work MASS continues to do in the STEM arena, especially the work we do with Longsands Academy and Silverstone UTC.

Tell us about the work within STEM?

It’s about creating a pathway for the younger generation into a career in IT and Cyber Security through education, both in classrooms and in some cases at our offices in St. Neots. We currently work with Silverstone UTC and the Longsands Academy where we regularly deliver talks and presentations on the importance of cyber security, being safe online, as well as other vocational skills in cyber security that will prepare students for careers in IT. We also recently donated a Cyber Lab to the Longsands Academy. These are great projects and I’m glad to be part of a business that places so much value on providing a platform for the next generation.

What advice would you give STEM graduates looking to build a pathway for themselves?

The benefit of being a graduate is that you have a broad learning perspective. By that I mean, you can learn quickly, pick up on themes, and are able to absorb knowledge easily. Adding to that knowledge a degree of curiosity and enthusiasm, you become a desirable candidate for any organisation.

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