MASS Sponsors new Cyber Lab at Longsands Academy

We’re delighted to be sponsoring a newly refurbished Cyber Lab at Longsands Academy. This comes as part of our commitment to invest in the younger generation, helping their development into future cyber and tech careers.

The new lab will provide access to a dedicated room for up to 25 sixth-form students where they can learn and further explore aspects of computing and cyber. It’s a prospect the school management hope will inspire students to follow their dreams of building successful careers in computing related fields.

Head of Computer Science at Longsands, Claire Chilton said "We are delighted with the lab, and we are truly grateful for the investment, equipment and time MASS have afforded the academy. This space will widen the students’ experience, knowledge and skills in a way that we have been unable to offer previously. The Cyber Lab will be key to providing our first Digital T-Level students with the industry standard working space they need, as well as enabling our A-Level and BTEC Computer Science students to benefit from the opportunity to enhance their studies beyond the traditional classroom-based learning environment."

In closing, she said, "This is such an exciting time for our students, and us, and we are looking forward to seeing their potential grow with the opportunities the lab will provide. We are certain that the lab will also encourage more students to aspire to become computer scientists in the future."

Previously used as a classroom and then a storage room, the freshly painted lab is home to newly installed computers and inspirational stories of individuals who made their mark doing things that relate to computing including ex-students who now have a career at MASS. The new lab will also host a fortnightly Cyber and IT workshop to be delivered by experts from MASS to all students studying computer science at Longsands sixth form.

Sharing his thoughts on the new lab, MASS CIO, Jack Stark said, "It’s a fantastic feeling to finally hand over a dedicated space that supports the Longsands students. Our team have enjoyed the challenge of designing a space that will provide industry insight into studies, reflecting on what would have helped them when they were at school. It’s been a passion-project for our team always working closely with Claire and her team to make this a reality. It’s my hope that the space will generate further interest in computing among the students, encouraging them to explore potential careers."

He concluded by saying, "As always, we are privileged to work alongside Longsands in championing the development of students, it’s an opportunity for us to give back to the community and the industry. Making technology careers accessible to all students is important to produce inspired, diverse and industry-aware candidates for future careers. The Cyber Lab is one way we support this, and I hope it means we see many more Longsands students taking up careers in technology, and with MASS, in the future."