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EW and CEMA Software Services

Trusted by the UKMOD and nations around the world to provide electronic warfare (EW) and cyber electromagnetic activity (CEMA) tools, services and training.

Our tools, services and training encompass all areas of CEMA including: EW, Signals Intelligence (SI), Battlespace Spectrum Management (BSM), Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO) and Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations (OCO-DCO).


UK Military personnel receiving electronic warfare training at MASS


Independent EW expertise and advice

Our electronic warfare (EW) support software services underpin your operational capability by enabling you to exploit EW data more efficiently and effectively. Develop your situational awareness, support your decision makers and gain information advantage across all operational domains.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of electronic warfare systems: signal collection, analysis and planning, data management, mission data production, countermeasures development, and threat vulnerability assessments.

We’re independent from electronic warfare product manufacturers, which means we provide truly impartial support and advice.


EW Training Courses

Our highly experienced EW Training team deliver tailored, skills-based training around the world, enabling personnel to develop a strong understanding of EW.

Whether you need a bespoke training programme or an off-the-shelf course, our team will work with you to build training that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

As world leaders in electronic warfare training we offer a broad prospectus, from foundation training to expert-level qualifications. We blend theoretical and practical learning, using a mix of sophisticated modelling and electronic warfare simulation tools in operationally-focused scenarios.

We can deliver training at your location or visit our dedicated training academy in Lincoln, UK.

electronic warfare simulation and training at MASS
earth from space with cities lit up

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