Countermeasures Development

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, development of countermeasures is complex and costly, and their testing and training increasingly dangerous to engage in the real world.

MASS’ CounterWorX suite of tools enables defence and civilian organisations to conduct countermeasures development, and virtually model dangerous and complex operational scenarios to optimise survivability from lethal engagements when learnings are deployed in the field.

Used by Armed Forces across the globe, the sophisticated tools reduce the number of points before live testing, significantly decrease costs by limiting time on the range, and mitigate safety risks. All of this opens up brand new possibilities for countermeasure development and testing.

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New possibilities for countermeasures

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Our Platform Protection capabilities enhances survivability through the full Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure Development (TVACD) lifecycle.

CounterWorX technical features:

  • Aerodynamic modelling
  • Parameter estimation tool
  • InfraRed and optical sensor capability
  • Graphical view of complex data


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Accelerating advances in countermeasures accuracy

Virtual Modelling

CounterWorX enables reverse engineering of threats, with information extracted from threats used to build virtual models.

Accurate 3D Modelling

CounterWorX provides accurate 3D modelling of multi-domain operations to build an understanding of the threat system and defensive aid capability – determining which countermeasures will be effective.

Post-Mission Analysis

CounterWorX supports post-mission analysis by taking real flight data and comparing with models – providing a deep understanding of mission effectiveness.

Data Profiling

CounterWorX profiles data that exists within a threat database – providing a full data picture to inform decision making.


CounterWorX’s full suite of capabilities

CounterWorX compatability

CounterWorX is fully compatible with MASS’ electronic warfare database, THURBON.

CounterWorx DISCOVER

CounterWorX DISCOVER is a missile reverse engineering tool – enabling users to gain an aerodynamic model of a threat based on only basic known information.


PROTECT is a multi-domain and multi-mode 3D simulator. The RF, EO, IR-capable tool provides an understanding of threat systems and defensive aid capability – determining which countermeasures will be effective.


ANALYSE explore data produced by the PROTECT tool.

CounterWorX REPLAY

Supports post-mission analysis by visualising real flight data – providing a deep understanding of mission effectiveness. It can also be used to visualise training engagements on weapons ranges.


Profiles the data that exists in an EW threat database, enabling users to assess the completeness and accuracy of data related to an adversary’s systems. This is fully compatible with MASS’s THURBON EW database and provides a graphical view and perspective of the available data to feed into modelling.

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