An impactful tool able to demonstrate the complexity and range of factors that affect communications.

BATTLEYE software for UK defence sector


Innovative mission planning support

BATTLEYE is an innovative technology-based mission planning tool, which can accurately access and test communication between assets anywhere in the world before personnel are deployed.

BATTLEYE determines the probability of effective communications by assessing the impact of terrain and elevation and power supply requirements.

By enabling effective communication between deployed military personnel, BATTLEYE will reduce risks in field and secure operational advantage by providing insight into adversary communication asset locations.

BATTLEYE can be integrated into MASS’ Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (NEWTS) to create a high-quality simulated environment for air, land and maritime electronic warfare and signals intelligence (EWSI) personnel. This enables users to experience the impact of a local environment on communications within a safe and secure environment, before applying their skills in a real-world situation.

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Benefits of using BATTLEYE

Secure Digital Communications

Gain operational advantage by delivering secure communication intelligence to on ground personnel.

Communication Signal Detection

Keep your ground teams safe through real-time insight into the location of adversary communication assets and the potential for own communications to be intercepted.

Terrain Analysis

Take advantage of impactful training software capability to highlight the complexity and range of factors that can affect communications.

Technical Features

1. ITU modelling.
2. Ability to utilise digital terrain data – SRTM1 (down to 1m) and SRTM3 (down to 90m).
3. Able to incorporate a unique graphic processer to speed up processing time and reduce CPU usage.
4. 10-degree modelling to produce faster results.

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