MASS Lessons Support Service

Lessons Support Service

When running a large-scale operation, capturing and analysing lessons is essential to improve future performance. But without the right team, tools and processes in place, you’re probably not getting what you need.

Our experienced Lessons Support team works alongside your team to capture and analyse lessons in real-time, allowing you and your team to focus where it’s needed most.  

Many teams understand the value of capturing lessons, but by investing in the right expertise, processes and tools you’ll be reassured of quality output, leading to better decision making in the future. The MASS Lessons Support team has decades of experience working alongside teams to ensure their lessons capture brings real benefits.

What we do

We offer a unique, fully scalable and tailored lessons package based on your needs, which provides:  

  • A capability to guarantee that lessons are not just identified but are acted upon, ensuring future improvement and enabling enhanced effectiveness with a positive impact on costs and resources.

  • An ability, through enhanced Information/Knowledge Management, to collect, capture, manage and facilitate the resolution of relevant observations and lessons identified to highlight ‘best practice’ and to resolve process issues to prevent future recurrence.

  • Accountability and reputational risk mitigation.

  • Development of agreed metrics to monitor performance.


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