Dynamic and Intelligent Solutions

Software development

At MASS we pride ourselves on our ability to develop secure, user-centred software that meets your needs. Our team includes specialists in technical architecture, user experience, and software testing as well as programming. The team contains a blend of SFIA grades enabling us to offer value for money by ensuring the right level of experience is applied.

The team

Every member of the team has experienced working with waterfall, incremental, agile, and prototyping approaches. The breadth of technologies covered by our Software Development team means we can support customers with modern and emerging technology stacks as well as with a range of legacy technology.

Our experience

Our developers are surrounded by subject matter experts in Electronic Warfare, Radar, EOIR, Weapon Systems and Cyber Security, bringing a depth of experience working with complex mathematics and physics in modelling and simulation software. The team’s ethos for continual improvement is guided by User Experience and DevOps principles and our teams drive towards positive user outcomes whilst seeking to automate for robust and predicable delivery.

Find out more

To discover more about our dynamic and intelligent software development capabilities and how we can best support your business/project, send an email to contact@mass.co.uk and a member of our team will be in touch.

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