What We Do

Strategic and Operational Training Service

For over 20 years MASS’ comprehensive training exercise support service has been trusted by UK and international military headquarters to prepare for operational and strategic level planning.

Our range of services have a common hallmark of proven pedigree, bespoke design and first-class delivery through a partnered approach. Our training embraces the full range of real-world challenges from Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief, counterinsurgency to complex conventional warfare as well as crisis response in media, social media and cyber arenas. Whatever the training audience and objectives, our service is carefully tailored to your requirements to ensure you can “Train as you will operate”.

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Exercise Delivery and Planning

Our Service is Unrivalled Across the world

Our state-of-the-art exercise planning and management capability creates a highly credible ’train as you operate’ environment with the option of a detailed simulation and stimulation when appropriate.

Our service is cost-effective, adaptable and comprehensive with the sole focus of ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from all types of decision-making training exercises at national, joint forces command, corporate and superior tactical levels.

This can be enhanced with our effective Lessons Support Service. Our lessons support package will enable you to identify opportunities to learn, then implement a process that turns these Lessons Identified into Lessons Learned.

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First-in-Class Exercise Delivery Service

Specialist Preparation

We enhance your operational capabilities, enabling you to respond to complex, real-world events. Our portfolio, based on proven delivery, is constantly updated to reflect the current challenges of each area of operations.

Unrivalled Military Knowledge

All our training is delivered by a team of ex-military personnel, diplomats and specialist associates, each bringing their own relevant, in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Deployable Across the Globe

Whether at your home military base, a remote military training site or a location of your choice, our training service is fully deployable anywhere in the world.

Seamless Data Management

Our data management solutions enable you to harness the true value of your data using the latest software tools that integrate with multiple software platforms, including C2 applications.

Deployable Classified CIS Solutions

We provide secure, classified single or multi-site CIS solutions with the ability to also build, test, install and manage IT service or any combination of these services, anywhere in the world.

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Take the next step and turn your data into operational advantage

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