Cyber Security Training

Delivering cyber security training for all cyber aspects, from board level readiness to online awareness.

Why cyber training?

The changing working environment has put increasing pressure on companies to protect their organisations from cyber threats. It has never been more important to ensure your business is digitally secure and with the majority of workforces working remotely, networks are now more vulnerable than ever before.

Your people are your greatest asset, but they're also your weakest link when it comes to cyber security. An educated and engaged workforce can be a powerful tool and it doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Our multi-level training packages ensure good cyber security runs throughout your organisation. 

Cyber security training courses

Our customised training equips your entire organisation with proactive measures that will help you prepare, develop and raise awareness within the business on how to deal with a variety of cyber attacks.

Cyber training advantages include:

  • No costly travel time for your employees, some training courses can be completed online or an assessor will come to your premises
  • Training can be completed at work stations at the user’s leisure
  • Dedicated assessor to work with you throughout your training journey
  • Bespoke training; options to adapt training to your organisations requirements
  • Opportunity to participate in a cyber attack scenario with key decision makers
  • Team building exercise for employees

Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment

Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment - Targeted onsite scenario-based simulation for leadership teams

Onsite Interactive Exercise

Course duration: 1 Day (subject to customer requirements)

Cyber Risk and Resillience Assessment training is an onsite, scenario-based simulation to empower your management team to deal with cyber attacks effectively and efficiently. This exercise can be adapted to further highlight key areas your business wishes to develop. Through effective facilitation and partnering with us, you will rapidly expose vulnerabilities and start to think about solutions. Our exercise takes participants/the board through a realistic cyber attack and what could happen, using decision points and external information to guide the outcomes.

We work with you develop a deep understanding of potential security threats, and the steps you can develop or adopt by facilitating an interactive, round the table exercise with the key players in your business’ continuity and disaster recovery plans. Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment training helps to protect corporate assets, ensuring staff are trained appropriately, ultimately securing the bottom line. Our cyber readiness solution can mitigate the risk to your customers, business and reputation.

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Cyber Stars

Cyber Stars – An online cyber awareness training course for your whole organisation

Online Training Course

Course duration: Typically 1-2 Hours (subject customer requirements)

Our cyber awareness training is delivered online allowing access on any device, anytime, anywhere, removing the need for physical trainers and classrooms. It provides effective and efficient awareness training across your whole organisation. The Cyber Stars training can be completed by everyone in your organisation and was developed to minimise the cyber threat to businesses created by a lack of employee awareness and confidence to act.

The Cyber Stars training is the only cyber security awareness programme with an official UK Government regulated qualification attached.

The programme therefore provides both a solid foundation for measuring cyber security awareness and provides an excellent professional development opportunity for employees.

The principles of cyber security are taught, the impact of these to the business and help identify specific threats your organisation may have. Topics covered include social engineering, social media threats and incident response.  Cyber Stars provides a sustainable solution to cyber security awareness in an ever-evolving landscape.

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The cost of a single cyber security incident can easily reach six-figures even for small businesses

National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Exercise in a Box

National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Exercise in a Box – A facilitated scenario exercise

Onsite Facilitated Training Exercise

Course duration: 1 Day (Subject to customer requirements)

The NCSC “Exercise in a box” is a free online tool which assists organisations in testing and practising their response to a cyber attack. The exercise contains everything required to run a realistic cyber attack within your business and see how everyone involved would respond. It can highlight areas requiring improvement or let you test your current procedures to ensure they work as intended.

Our experienced cyber security experts can facilitate this exercise for you in order to maximise the value to your organisation. We ensure the session engages those involved and challenges them to thinkoutside the box. Let us facilitate the day and take care of the schedule to allow participants to make optimal use of the exercise.

Our experts will be on hand to analyse the end report to determine next steps for your organisation, this could be helping you highlight those areas for improvement or working together with you to create new procedures to handle such an attack.

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