THURBON – Giving you the edge

Managing your Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Mission Data

THURBON – Giving you the edge

Gain operational advantage by synchronisation and coordination of offensive, defensive, inform and enabling activities, across the electromagnetic environment and cyberspace using our operation data management tool - THURBON. With its ability to support the integration of data associated with multi domain operations (MDO) in order to provide a common operating picture (COP), THURBON will enable your data to inform faster, work harder and stay safer, giving you the edge.

Driven by automation

By removing the risk of human error in the data analysis process, our automated database provides you with a reliable intelligence product that is accurate, timely and assured. It reduces the burden on operational personnel allowing them to focus their skills elsewhere whilst achieving influence as part of a full spectrum approach.

Using its filtering capabilities, THURBON decreases the time required to produce an Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) and mission data, allowing geospatial and threat system parametric data to be fused to better understand the origins of a signal and its associated threat vectors within a multifaceted and ever-evolving cyber and electromagnetic environment.

Simplifying the EW and SI disciplines and reducing the burden on operational personnel, THURBON produces a high quality and reliable Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) data output that informs decision makers and enhances personal, platform and area protection.

Benefits of using THURBON

  • Automation: THURBON leverages automation to produce an EOB and inform decision-making based on reliable quality data.
  • Accurate Data Analysis: THURBON provides accurate analysis of EW and ELINT intelligence to build an understanding of the operational environment and potential threats to help determine which countermeasures may be effective.
  • Personnel safety: THURBON supports personnel safety by enabling missions to be planned quicker, with less risk of human error in the data analysis process.
  • Enables effective intelligence sharing: THURBON is a highly secure database which enables effective intelligence sharing between systems and allies through the use of individual security labels (metadata), APIs, and XML import/export.
  • Future proofed: THURBON’s extensible data model is easily adaptable for technological advances.

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