Expert Manpower Provision

Expert Manpower Provision

Electronic Warfare in the information age is forever changing - we are here to help you make the right decisions.

Whether you require advice on procurement planning, requirements analysis, technical evaluations, or research studies, our electronic warfare specialists will provide you with advice based upon their many years' of working in industry and electronic warfare operations. 

We tailor our advice and consultancy to meet your electronic warfare needs and covers all the operational environments at all classifications. Being independent from electronic warfare products and manufacturers, we offer trusted and impartial advice.

MOD Supplier

As a long-term UK MOD supplier, we understand what is required for successful electronic warfare operations for Land, Air and Sea domains; from equipment and personnel, through to training, survivability and data management. Additionally, we know how to programme the most sophisticated of systems, and we are experienced in using specialist equipment in operational theatres.

Our consultants have worked in industry, defence laboratories, front-line operations and EW support centres. They will work closely with your teams to assess your unique operational requirements followed by the provision of essential support, including reliable and independent advice for smart procurement planning.

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