Advancing your electronic warfare capabilities

Tailored Specialist EW Training

Electronic Warfare Operational Support

Electronic Warfare Operational Support at MASS

Enhanced electronic warfare capabilities will increase your operational effectiveness across all the operational domains.

Our electronic warfare (EW) support services and solutions underpin your operational capability by enabling the exploitation of EW data more efficiently and effectively, which helps to develop your situational awareness, support your decision makers, leading to the establishment of information advantage across all operational domains.

Independent advice

Being totally independent from electronic warfare product manufacturers, we provide truly impartial support and advice.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of electronic warfare systems: signal collection, analysis and planning, data management, mission data production, countermeasures development, and threat vulnerability assessments.

We employ a mix of electronic warfare specialists: engineers, scientists and ex-military personnel combine their experience, such as lessons learned in recent conflicts, to help our customers achieve the true operational potential of their EW capability.

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