Data Management

Drowning in data but starved of information?

A Tailored Approach

The way you manage data is key to it being a credible and trusted source of information - it should add value rather than drain your resources.

We employ a tailored approach to determine the right blend of data disciplines for you. Our methods and processes allow us to understand where key principles should be applied within an organisation to bring maximum value from your investment. We will provide the right foundations to ensure your data is reliable and trustworthy to help you make well-informed decisions.

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Data Governance

Are you concerned about the risk of data breaches? We work with you to enable you structure your data sets to be easily accessible, trustworthy and of excellent quality.

Our data governance process has been carefully structured to get the best results. We've worked with large public sector organisations such as NHS, UK MOD and law enforcement agencies to implement successful data governance strategies within their organisations.

Data Validation

We combine the latest automation technologies with 30 years’ experience to deliver a fully integrated mix of data validation services – tailored to your requirements.

Our data validation solutions include automated validation screening; rule-based validation; data mining of other sources to validate data; research in both primary and secondary formats; data interrogation services; spot checks and ongoing data validation processes.

Data Quality Management

By employing data analytics tools such as Power BI, we help you identify errors within your data and ensure you’re consistent in data storage and access. From data cleansing and standardisation to ongoing monitoring and improvement, we offer a comprehensive approach to ensuring data quality. Our services help organisations make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

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