MASS and STEM: Empowering the next generation

It’s STEM week 2023 and we are particularly excited this year, as it coincides with our 40th year celebrations. We’re proud of our work encouraging young people into STEM careers as it highlights the culture and ethos upon which MASS is built.

In each of the last four years, we’ve welcomed work experience, work placement and apprentices from Longsands Academy as part of our early years career path, along with other learning and development programmes with the school. We also currently partner with Silverstone UTC to deliver part of their cyber security course.

Our longstanding partnerships with local schools and technical colleges enable us to demonstrate to the next generation how the academic skills they learn translate into fulfilling careers. It’s more than just giving back, it’s also about investing in young people today, for the benefit of our industry and society as a whole. After all, the future belongs to them.

Jack Stark, MASS CIO, emphasised the point further saying, “We are utterly dependent on the next generation to survive and thrive in the future. We impart context, they bring their perspective”.

Over the next few months and years, we will continue to engage with young people at schools and technical colleges, educating, mentoring and creating opportunities that will help them build rewarding and impactful careers.

Visit our careers page to find out more about our early years careers opportunities.