MASS hosts enrichment day for ADC students.

Students and staff from the Air & Defence College (ADC) visited our New Horizons Defence and Cyber Academy in Lincoln as part of their enrichment programme.

The enrichment programme is geared towards enabling students to gain an industry perspective by engaging with industry leaders such as MASS who are key suppliers into the defence and security sector. During their visit, the students were able to meet and learn from our Software Development, Cyber, Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR),  Electronic Warfare (EW) and Cyber & Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) subject matter experts. Students also gained hands on experience with some of our specialist EW, ISR and CEMA operational and training support tools whilst conducting a scenario based CEMA training mission.

The visit is part of MASS’ partnership network with schools and colleges, further emphasising our passion for the next generation and a desire to bring industry perspective into the learning curriculum. Our hope is that it will help the students envision what their future career could look like and the range of interesting fields of work that are available.

Stuart Willumsen – Head of Training, explained his positive disposition to the ADC’s visit, he said, “we are always delighted to host these days, which offer opportunities to impart knowledge to the next generation of industry leaders. Allowing them to experience, first-hand, what a role in industry looks and feels like, will enhance their education and more importantly, create an awareness of what other career pathway choices are available to them”.

To find out more about careers at MASS, visit our careers page here.