The ATRACKS Project

As we continue our 40th anniversary celebrations, this week we look back at the ATRACKS Project we delivered to the Sea-King Integrated Project Team of the UK MOD.

The scope of the work was to provide an encrypted digital communications solution over legacy analogue radios. The system will be designed to facilitate effective and secure digital communications between military helicopters, forward operating bases and deployed personnel.

In order to deliver the agreed scope, our team developed a set of flight certified units deployable in different combinations dependent on the platform they were fitted to. With the encryption system successfully developed (including management units) and delivered, it received accreditation from CESG just in time for deployment just before the start of the second gulf war.

This project represents the first roll out of the new standard encryption system later used in Bowman. The completion of the project served as early indication of our capability to deliver highly complex security accredited and certified airborne systems within limited time scales in order to meet multiple demanding standards. In turn, this led to MASS being trusted to deliver other projects of similar range military platforms such as Tornado, Nimrod and Chinook.

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